On a small world, far away

Tonight, at the end of a rather full and long day, Barb, I and our two Goldens, Jeffie and Jillie, went outside for a walk in our rather well-lit neighborhood.

In recent days, we went on a trip to Fort Davis, Texas and the Fredericksburg, Texas. There in Fort Davis we toured McDonald Observatory. It was a wonderful and surrealistic time watching the full moon in all it’s magnified glory. We also got to see some other highlights from the stellar wonderlands. But, perhaps the most amazing part of the viewing that night was to see the unexpected Comet Holmes. Only recently, it burst out of nowhere and seemed to explode.

Tonight, on our walk, we got to see it again. Such sights remind me of how small we are, perhaps even inconsequential. Rather than leaving me with a sinking feeling, I draw comfort from the fact that - even with all the incalculable objects in the Universe at any given time billions are dying, billions are being born - the Universe has its own alarm clock for what’s supposed to happen when. It all looks so beautiful and it’s all going on just fine without any help from me. Whatever (or whoever) holds it all together can probably manage without interference.
Do yourself a favor.  Pull out the binoculars tonight and go outside with someone you love. Behold the wonder of the Universe. It may help you to reorganize your perspective. We all need to find our Place.
And, to find, Comet Holmes, go here.

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