Disney and Einstein

This past winter, I won a trip to Disneyworld through a sweepstakes on the Kim Komando Show, a nationally broadcast radio program about All Things Digital (It is, by the way, a wonderful program and resource for anyone trying to learn about computers, as well as those who are old hands). What stands out to me as more than shear coincidence is this: that while I was reading a biography of Albert Einstein by Isaacson, we ended up going on this trip to Disneyworld. Why amazing? For the following reasons:

  • Because Einstein and Walt Disney were both beginning some of their most formidable groundwork in nearly the exact same years;
  • Both of them could visualize beyond any of their peers the principles upon which their chosen science lay;
  • Both of them brought the full force of their imaginations to bear upon their field of endeavor.
  • Finally, they unequivocally and unabashedly refused to have their minds tethered by what had gone before.

And, I asked myself, “What if I chose to do that in my personal life, in my professional life? What if the hospital I work at (one of the best in the nation, I will add) chose to do more than procedures, choosing instead to entirely re-imagine the heart and its care from the ground up, revolutionizing not only the procedures but indeed how we communicate about the heart?”

What if, when patients came in for a procedure, they learned Disney-style why they were there, what went wrong, how we would fix it, and how they might prevent it from happening again?

What l realized from Einstein and Disney was that each one changed the world - one in physics, one in entertainment and understanding. And, as I beheld the wonders of Disneyworld, I sat in amazement thinking that perhaps if I chose to really imagine, and courageously pursue that belief and imagination, perhaps I could - even in these later years - still do some great things.

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