Of faith and feathers…

Tonight, Barb and I saw once again the movie, “Forrest Gump.” I have used it for years in the grief and loss seminars that I have done for long term care workers. It always leaves me in tears much as it did the first time I saw it, shortly after it came out. Indeed, I remember the day I saw it as though it was yesterday. As soon as I got in my car, I began to cry heaving sobs. Many major life changes occurred after that day, some of the hardest in my life.I have tried to understand all that those tears meant. I don’t think I have yet plumbed them. But, I think I have some idea. I feel under no illusion that I am anything othe than the most simple and basic person. When Forrest, simpleton Forrest, sees his son for the first time, he is overcome with fear that his son is “not smart” like him. All through the movie, he wants and gives only simple love: “Stupid is as stupid does.”Most importantly, he wants only true love, loving Jenny, through her childhood abuse, her painful betrayals of his love, and ultimately her death. He loves Leutenant Dan and his fallen soldier friend, Bubba, another simpleton who also is a shrimper.The thread winding it’s way through the movie is the idea that chance and purpose are the handiwork of God. The movie begins and ends with an ‘errant
feather’ floating on the breeze. The tears that ran down my face the first time I saw Forrest Gump and again last night were, I imagine, a prayer that love would find it’s place in this simpleton’s life,too.

Note to son: if you want to know what I think of you, watch Forrest when he meets his son.

Note to wife: You ARE the feather…

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  1. 4Hope Says:

    As always, you are gifted with being able to express your most simple and sincere feelings so beautifully. And, as always, I am touched by your tender love. Thank you for you and for sharing your love with all of us - you, too, are my feather:) Your grateful spouse.