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Family Pictures: An Introduction

Published by Chapster on 2006/3/11 (1523 reads)
"A picture is worth a thousand stories."

Take a look at these two pictures (they may take a second to load):

You'll be asked some questions about them. They are used with permission of Robert U. Akeret, author of the excellent book Family Tales, Family Wisdom. While out of print, hehas also come out with a companion book that is very insightful: Photolanguage. Anyway, take a look. What do you see? What is the STORY behind these pictures.

Look at these photos closely. What might they tell you about the persons and the family they come from. Make sure and jot a note down about them. Then consider the pictures from your own family.

Can you guess anything about the characters represented in the pictures? Can you imagine anything about what family life might be in their families? Can you see a story behind each picture.

This is important. Please consider these pictures thoroughly. They have much to say about the family stories they represent. Truly, one picture is almost prophetic...
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