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Published by Chapster on 2006/3/11 (2219 reads)
This assignment is a BIG STEP towards beginning your life review. In fact it's the SKELETON for all that which you will later flesh out!

1. If you have Adobe Acrobat click here to download a Time Line on which you may write a brief outline of your life events. If you DO NOT have Adobe Acrobat, click here to go to Adobe where you will be able to download it. Don't worry, it's free! After you download Adobe Acrobat, return here and click here to download the Time Line.

2. Download this week's written assignment. THIS MAY TAKE SEVERAL MINUTES! Look at our example Time Line (p.3). Follow our example. On your Time Line, make notations on one side of the line, about the major events of your life, decade by decade. Include also several significant people from each decade or time period. Write anything else you like as well. On the other side of the line, write some of the significant historical events that were happening concurrently.

3. Click on this link to look at two pictures. Dr. Robert Akeret, author of the excellent book Family Tales, Family Wisdom , graciously allowed us to use them in this class. Can you guess anything about the characters represented in the pictures? Can you imagine anything about what family life might be in their families? Can you see a story behind each picture. You will be asked to answer questions about these pictures in one of the next two assignments.

4. Complete the Assignment Page that you downloaded.

5. Read our weekly review.
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