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What is Life Review? How can it help me?

Published by Chapster on 2006/3/11 (3657 reads)
While life review focuses on the past, it always keeps an eye on the present and future.

Life review is the task of telling your life story. It is telling who you are. For our purposes, life review entails more than just telling the events of your life. It entails telling the things that make you distinctly who you are. There are many courses, some even on the internet, that will help you tell all about your life events. This class will ask more of you. It will ask you to reflect on who you are, not just what you did. Over your life span your abilities to do will come and go. But who you are will continue to live on in the hearts and minds of those who care about you. And, in those who read your story generations from now!

You may be asking yourself if it's really worth the time and effort, not to mention some serious brain and soul work, to take on the task of writing your life story. One lovely woman in our class said on the first day, "My life has been so bland! Who would really care about reading my life story?" On the third class session, when asked if anyone would have any regrets over things not yet done in this lifetime, this same woman proudly said, "Oh,yes! My biggest regret would be not finishing the writing of my life story for myself and my family." Between that first and third session she knew why she had to write her story. When her family heard that she was taking this class they were enthusiastically supportive and offered to help with collecting pictures, clipping news articles, gathering memorabilia from family, ANYTHING that might help her gather her memories to share in her book. She also found that once she started writing bits and pieces of stories from her past, she was able to remember more and the writing became easier. Most importantly, though, she felt that she was reclaiming the person she really is AND was, by reconnecting with lost memories, accomplishments, sorrows and passions - feelings that were sadly shelved over the years through neglect and busyness with life.
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