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Tale Writing Tips

Published by Chapster on 2006/3/10 (3760 reads)
If writing your life story is your goal, consider for a moment, how you want to achieve that goal!

The task of writing your tale may seem less formidable and more feasible if you start off on the right foot with an idea of where you want to go, plan your journey as to milestones you want to cover, and gain a sense of accomplishment upon completing each leg of the trip. If you make a general game plan of where, when, and how you want to write your story, you create the setting for accomplishing your final creation - the story of your life.

(This is Mike writing. I'm less organized than Barb is. For me, the very thought of organizing something like a thorough life review is daunting. But, I'm probably in the minority. So for me, just putting little pieces of it together along the way is the best I can do. Most of my life story is in a big brown cardboard box and in my mind. Plus, I regularly repeat the stories I know to my son. There's much to be said for the ancient practice of storytelling and the whole idea of oral tradition. Anyway, Barb is absolutely right. The number one difficulty mentioned by those who take this class in person is that they don't have any idea how to organize the material. It deserves some thought. Just don't let the thought stop you from actually doing it!)
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