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Privacy and Policy

Published by Chapster on 2003/4/29 (5181 reads)
Purpose of Site
This site is for informative purposes only and in no way implies endorsement or approval of any other site or their related links. The information provided reflects the opinions and experiences of the authors only and should not be construed as accurate for any particular patient, caregiver or situation. In order to make sure our interests do not conflict, we have chosen not to accept payments from any parties whom we might recommend except for small amounts of funding from links to via our AMAZON STORE, and a banner ad supplied by, we do not accept payment from facilities or services we recommend, .

We do not practice spamming, nor needlessly e-mail our visitors. We depend on word of mouth (or word of e-mouth) for visitors.

Privacy and Confidentiality

As with all the caring professions, all PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION (PII) you provide is kept strictly confidential except when any such information may indicate danger to oneself or others or where information is requested by court order or where you have given written authorization.

PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION (PII) you give us will NEVER be sold or given away under any circumstances, except as noted above. When you make a purchase, we have designed it so that we DO NOT SEE ANY COMPLETE CREDIT CARD NUMBERS; only our payment processor, PayPal, sees the whole number.

PII you give us will only be shared with your explicit permission.

Data sent from our server to your computer

ElderHope does use cookies as a matter of convenience for our visitors. Cookies are HELPFUL in that they allow a site to keep track of your visits and welcome you back without having to re-enter as much information. They also help us keep this site secure. Should you sign up for our newsletter, post to our Forums, send a card, or participate in our site in any other way, we will never contact you using that information outside of the context of an actual newsletter or regular customer contact (after a a contact or purchase we try to follow up with a thank you).

You do have the option of setting notification of a new post to a thread in the forums that you have been watching, etc. Simply edit your account from the user menu after you log in. We will only make an effort to contact you if you ask us to or if there is an issue regarding your account.

We do not practice spamming, nor frivolously e-mail our visitors. We don't like folks to spam our site and we respect you in the same way. Our privacy policy does NOT imply that sites we link to follow similar policies. Indeed, some of them likely do not. We encourage site visitors to be circumspect with their PII. By participating in certain areas of our site, such as subscribing to our newsletter, adding to the Forums, sending a card, the PII given constitutes explicit permission to use that information for the purposes the visitor intended.

ElderHope is not responsible nor liable for the loss of PII due to the exploits of site hackers.

Funding and Intent

We do NOT RECOMMEND services via the Internet. We make information available to the consumer. It is the responsibility of the consumer to ascertain the appropriateness and adequacy of any given service, product or resource. Any information posted DOES NOT CONSTITUTE A RECOMMENDATION. We carefully guard our practice so that there is no conflict of interest.

We DO receive some reimbursement from a commercial site (eg. We depend primarily upon donations and the referrals of friends to keep this site and its resources available. We, also, do offer some of our own classes, booklets, and downloads, in areas that indicate they are commercial in nature. Nonetheless, we don't even make enough off of these to keep this site running. This site is primarily altruistic, both in approach and in presentation, except as will further the growth of this site.

Purpose of site and those who misuse ElderHope's resources .

ElderHope will not tolerate vandalism of this site. This site is meant to be supportive, not to be a primarily commercial site. We will not tolerate advertising apart from that which we have previously noted or which we specifically approve. This includes the posting of forum spam, blog spam, or the posting of any material other than requests for assistance. The intentional presentation of commercial resources or links for the purpose of marketing is strictly forbidden and will be met with removal and banning from ElderHope. It is at our (ElderHope's) sole discretion and determination as to what we feel is advertising. If you have a question about the commercial nature of a post, ask before you post.

Our Obligations

We specifically refuse and decline any expectation of service,consultation, or interaction from any member, visitor, associate of ElderHope except insofar as paid for such services. In all such cases services will be rendered as promised. If said services are unsatisfactory the sole expectation of the customer or purchaser is for the return of his/her money. All other guarantees and remedies are specifically voided. By making a purchase, visitors acknowledge that they understand these policies.

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