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The Columbia and the Cosmos

Published by Chapster on 2003/2/11 (8991 reads)
Last year Barb and I went to see the movie Cosmic Voyage, one of those great IMAX flicks. Only this one was even better. As we left the theatre, we walked away humbled by what we had seen. Indeed, Barb said, "It was food for the soul." We went on into the night discussing the spirituality inherent in this visual and conceptual masterpiece.

At the heart of the movie is a concept developed in a previous movie, Powers of Ten, one that I had seen at a crowded McDonald Observatory some years ago. In that movie, the filmmakers magnified an area of space by powers of ten, again and again. Do you know that if you started with only a very small space, backed away, say ten feet, then a hundred feet, then a thousand feet, (keep going) you would only have to back away about 18 times to be at the outer edges of known worlds?

The movie, Cosmic Voyage, takes the viewer on a similar journey.

Now, here's the thing that made an impression on us. At any given moment, innumerable galaxies are dying. They are exploding, imploding, expanding, whatever galaxies do in their final death throes. Innumerable numbers of them! Keep in mind that there are uncountable solar systems within each one of those galaxies.

Get the picture now? One planet within one solar system. Uncountable solar systems within innumerable galaxies. Unimaginable galaxies within the universe. And, heck, whatever lies beyond.

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