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Of birds and loss...

Published by Chapster on 2003/4/13 (2851 reads)
A while back, an ElderHope friend wrote us with a touching story and poem. She had written us several times telling us about the losses she had experienced. On the occasion of this poem, three generations of women, our friend, Gail, her granddaughter, Madison, a four year old, and her daughter, Becki, were out for a walk. They happened upon a "dead mama-sized bird under a bush in front of our house. It looked as though it were asleep, and Madison called and tried to wake her up." Becki, having lost both her father, Gail's husband, and her grandmother, Grace, in the past year, "tried to explain death to Madison and we all ended up crying silently."

And here's the poem:

The young mama bird lay dead under the bush
We both thought it was too sad for words, to see her lying there.
I was 31, you were 4, when Dad died.
I wanted to be left alone to cover myself in grief, and curl up and die.
Life wouldn't let me.

Life was you needing me, Mike needing me, Curtis needing me,
My job needing me.
No time to curl up and die,
Thank you, God!

You are so impatient with Madison's needing you all day long,
She is Life needing you, Marty needing you, Me needing you.
No time to curl up and die.
Thank you, God!

Now, both you and I need our house and our garden and our birds.
Healing is in our needing both each other and
Marty, and Madison and the garden.
Thank you, God!

We could curl up and die like the mama bird, too sad for words,
But we are needed and we won't.
Love flies us through life, and healing and needing
Keep our wings up.
Thank you God!

I love you my daughter.
You are part of my heart and my soul!!

Gail Trenhaile
June 2002

Such tender thoughts remind us of the power of grief, how important it is to journal our thoughts and feelings, and the strength of small things to speak to us. Thank you Gail!
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