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Getting Good Health Care

Published by 4Hope on 2006/2/7 (4403 reads)
Once a month, Barb and Mike meet with Dr. James Griffin to record a segment for the KEOM 88.5FM Community Focus Program. This is a script from the February 6, 2006 taping. It deals with the best ways to find good health care. This is Barb's conversation with Dr. Griffin.

Dr. Griffin: So, Barb, what are we talking about today?

Barb: Today I thought we would talk about some core ideas for getting the best treatment when needed. Many folks have some inkling that they have something going on with their bodies, that they are just not feeling right, often in advance of the time there is a serious problem. Unfortunately, due to varied reasons, we put off dealing with such things.

Part of the problem, I think, is due to the heavy weight of responsibility that we all carry in our modern society. We feel we are just to busy to be slowed down to take care of an "ache"

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