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No Great Things

Published by Chapster on 2006/1/17 (8677 reads)
During a recent conversation with a good friend, a friend who I think is one of the greatest people on this planet, a friend who I thought I knew pretty well, I learned something new about her that really threw me.

We were talking about how important the small things are in life. Those little things that people sometimes do that remind you that you're cared for and that you're important, not necessarily for what you do but for who you are. My friend then said she feels that people don't really notice her and that one of the reasons that we are such good friends is because I "noticed" her from the moment I first saw her. She said that I always took the time to really listen to her and genuinely cared about how she was doing.

"Not notice her?" Did she say, "Not notice her?" People love being around her. Complete strangers begin conversations with her in the mall, people sitting near her on a plane give her their mailing addresses and home phone numbers by the end of the flight, children gravitate to her like moths to a light. Yet, she said that she often feels invisible amongst others. Why? Because she doesn't often get what she really values in a relationship. Someone who looks her in the eyes when they talk, someone who listens for what she is really saying when she talks, someone who will put aside their own agenda for a few minutes while she shares a personal problem. Little things, really - yet enormous to her because these things say, "I see you and I care."

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