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Published by Chapster on 2004/2/29 (5734 reads)
Items for purchase...

ElderHope provides written materials, downloads that deal with grief,loss and caregiving, and online classes.

We are proud to announce that our interactive, self-study seminar on life review and writing your life story is now available for purchase! Click here for more information about "The Time of Your Life: Life Review for Body and Soul."

"Caring Interventions," our compilation of therapeutic interventions which we offer in imminent death care, suggests specific ways family and friends can effectively create an enriching environment for their loved one in the dying process.

We explain how adjusting the surroundings in the dying person's environment, being aware of their sensitivities, offering meaningful activities and family time, may all help create a sacred place and more soothing atmosphere.

These item can be purchased through our online, secure, product pages. CLICK HERE TO ORDER!

Support at the end of life...

Years ago, before hospitals became "the place to die," family and friends stood vigil, providing support and saying good-bye. We desire to resurrect this tradition by providing specific interventions in the final hours of life.

Our hope is that families on our service will better understand how our interventions can help the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of a dying person. Our imminent death interventions include:

  1. Information about the dying process;
  2. Our "Caring Interventions" guidelines;
  3. Therapeutic music;
  4. Atmosphere Enhancement;
  5. Religious Support;
  6. Family Support;
  7. Funeral arrangements

This service is available in the North Texas area only. These services are a available for a reasonable per hour fee.

"A thousand good-byes come after death - the first six months of bereavement." Alan Gregg

Education and public speaking...

We have taught engaging classes both for professionals and laypersons, healthcare providers and religious groups. We would love to teach one of our classes for your organization! Some of our classes provide CEU's to eligible professionals.

If you would like to offer one of our classes, please contact us at 972-768-8553 or use the CONTACT US item on the main menu for information. Prices are reasonable and we will be glad to make provision for doing the class at your location, nationwide.

The Time of Your Life: Life Review for Body and Soul

Preparing for Life's Final Chapters: A Dialogue between You and Those You Love

In addition, we offer classes and seminars in-person on Grief and Loss, Grief in the Workplace, Caregiving and Coping with Alzheimer's disease, the Emotional and Spiritual Aspects of Chronic Pain, and Holistic Life Review.

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