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Today, Evil, and Life in the Fast Lane

Published by Chapster on 2003/6/28 (4536 reads)
This article was written in 2003, after coming home and finding that someone had effectively deface ElderHope. It reflects my frustration and anger, concerns over the value of what we are doing here, and life in general. Truthfully, it is somewhat melancholy. But, I think it also reflects a lot of truth. We save it for our valued readers in this area of the site. Today was a frustrating day. Actually, this evening, I returned home from work (no, ElderHope does not pay us; we both do very full, full-time jobs) to find that someone had gone into the forums to post 10 fake advertisements.

There are not words to tell you how angry I was, and discouraged with humanity. As our site has grown, there has been a corresponding increase in attempts to deface the site, hack it, or otherwise create problems for ElderHope.

This site comes at tremendous personal sacrifice. There are nights that I fall asleep at the computer trying to get another article online or improve some aspect of the site. That time spent not sleeping is starting to catch up with me.

There's very little thanks for making this site or for providing the information we do. Indeed, the personal greed of this modern age is clearly reflected in the lack of involvement of most people in great web sites (whether ElderHope is a great website is for others to judge - I think it is). They get the information they need, free, and then move on.
They rarely bother to offer a word of support, make a comment, or sign the guestbook.

There are occasionally folks who sign a guest book and say thanks. Once in a while a person will even give a donation (though it has been a year or more since someone has donated to ElderHope). There have been times when someone from Europe or somewhere else on this big globe has signed the guestbook and has left me literally speechless and nearly in tears with their kind words. Being situated here in Texas, let me add that it seems like the United States is the worst about the practice of saying thank you.

Then, tonight I find that some little creep has invaded our "internet home" and defaced it. It discourages me tremendously and leaves us feeling devalued and demoralized. And, it's not just me. Hundreds of thousands of people labor away in all kinds of contexts; the internet, religious organizations, fire departments, scouting. They're trying to make this old world a better place, and getting very little reward or gratitude for what they do.

Eventually, these folks get tired, burned out, and walk away. For each one of those folks that walks away, the world becomes a little more evil, a little darker, and much more dangerous. For each one of those folks that walks away, you and your kids will have one less person to help when the going gets rough. With respect to this site, we've been providing people with help, with few exceptions, for free since 1997 (at that time as But, frankly, I'm tired. There's more I'd like to do, but it's hard to do it when you're the only one who seems to be contributing. I know that most of our visitors are caregivers, and they are weary beyond words and strength. That's why ElderHope has held on this long. Because we care for this burdened group. But, support has to go both ways.

The title of this article refers to evil. As far as I'm concerned, the persons who have hacked our site are evil.

The definition of evil doesn't refer so much to bad things that one does as to the lack, or privation, of a moral sense, of any goodness. This is what defines much of our society today, the lack of a moral sensibility.

Edmund Burke wrote the following in the 1700's: "All that's necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good men to do nothing." Particularly in this age of moral ambiguity, irresponsibility, and narcissism, it is essential that we regularly examine our lives and hearts for ways to turn back the evil, the darkness, of our own lives and the evil of the world.

How can we know where we stand in this war against the evil, the apathy, of the world? In one way only: To act upon this question: In what way do I daily make this world better? In short, if we're not doing something NOW to make it better, if we're just letting our corner of the world stay the same, then we're part of the problem, not the solution.

Remember the quote by Burke just above? Well, sadly, because of the recent vandals and hackers who've hit ElderHope, we have had to change the site so that you have to be a registered member to do just about anything. We hated to do this. Unless many of you choose to participate more in the forums, etc., they will probably go generally unused. And, again, the Good will have had a loss. As Burke also said: "When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an un-pitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle."

The conclusion of the matter:
As Barb's mom used to say - Do something or get off the pot. Wise advice for those just floating through life.

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