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Food for Thought

Published by 4Hope on 2000/3/18 (2600 reads)
Does any of the above sound familiar? Well, it does to me! I will push myself way past any red flags my body is waving at me so that I don't have to change plans, or rest, or take some "time out" for me. Why? Because, as I tell everyone who asks me, "I don't have time to be sick!" Funny how my body forces the issue to take time for myself.

Case in point: Yesterday I went to class to take a test, knowing that for two days I had been fighting a sinus-migraine headache/quickly becoming a sinus infection, fighting a fever and nausea, (notice the fighting words!) and fighting the reality that there was no possible way that I was going to be able to sit upright and take that test! Well, on my drive back home (test UN-taken) I thought about how much I HATE being sick and that even with all the fighting in the world, I did not stop myself from getting sick. (Is this crazy, or what?)

Interesting then, how this morning I came upon an article in a book by Sark, Transformation Soup: Healing for the Splendidly Imperfect, (2000). She writes that these occasions of illness or accidents can really be "healing lessons" in disguise. That we really need these "times out" to consider where we are in life and why, to reexamine the paths we are furiously plowing for ourselves, or to stop for a moment and enjoy the moment. That even though we just want these tough times to "be over," we would do ourselves a favor to consider what these times are about and what they are trying to teach us. Sark writes, "Healing is our curriculum and our classroom, whether we want to be in school or not."

Well, it's certainly food for thought. . . because if you are like me, dear caregiver, maybe we all could benefit from these "brakes from life" before life breaks us (from Davis the Wise). Maybe I'll try to live in the moment rather than push past it - after all, it's the only thing that we're sure of - the moment. While you are considering these thoughts, you may want to follow them up with the following link to the Diane Rehm show (NPR) and her interview with Sark about her book, Transformation Soup. Sark talks about how we are all our own healers and that we should trust our inner voice more. Click on Sark's website, and scroll down the page to hear that interview. As for me, I'm going to shut off my computer, take a break, take a nap, maybe think about what lessons my body is trying so very hard to teach me, and NOT think about that darned test I still have to take!

Mostly, rest well, dear caregiver. . . it's important and you deserve it!

Barb (hey! Don't forget me...Mike, too!)

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