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September 11: One Year Later - A Reflection

Published by Chapster on 2002/9/11 (4166 reads)
Tonight I called my son at his mom's house. See, September 11 is probably the single scariest day of our lives. Tomorrow morning, we will remember, along with the rest of the country, the horrific tragedy that will, for many years hence, be known simply as September 11.

As we have written in another reflection, Justin (my son) and I were stranded in Chicago, and were,in fact, on the tarmac at Chicago O'hare when the announcement of the attacks came through. While there were many wonderful things that we learned during those days, they were painful to all of us.

When I called my son, I reminded him that even though I won't be with him tomorrow, I will be thinking of him all day. I told him how proud I am of him and of his rich understanding of life. I told him how great a young man he is becoming. I told him that I was glad I was with him on that hard day, and tried to remind him that, as we made it through then, we'll make it through in the days ahead. Apparently, at the exact time that I called him, he was sitting with his mom who was telling approximately the same thing. It was really kind'a spooky to all concerned - having this need to remind him how much we love and appreciate him at the same time the day before.

Justin: "Maybe it means something really might happen again."

Me: "Maybe it does, Bud. But, if it does, make sure that you're strong and that you live well, and it will all be okay."

Here are a few thoughts on September 11. On that day we were reminded that we are not safe. It's really not such a novel consideration. We are reminded of this in small ways every time we hear the news. But, at that time, we had our face rubbed in our smugness, complacency, and narcissism. So, one year later, what lesson can we draw? Perhaps this. That there is no guarantee of safety. None. Zip. Zilch. Nada. We walk away from our life story with only one thing - those whom we love. So, on today, whatever day you read this, remind yourself of this thought: You have no guarantee of tomorrow. You have only today with those you love. That is your safety - those you love. For God's sake, hug them more tightly tonight.

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