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Grief from a Personal Perspective

Published by 4Hope on 2000/8/14 (3012 reads)
These past few weeks have been hard for me. You see, in a very short period of time, two friends have died. The first, Mr. B. G. Loveless, was a very dear friend who had become a part of my life, and Mike's, in innumerably meaningful ways - he became "family" to us.

This past Saturday, another friend died. His death was more sudden, less expected. I worked with Jerry Patt for about a year. His caring, outgoing personality endeared him to all he met and I felt privileged to call him "friend."

I grieve for the loss of these good folks in the lives of their families and friends. I grieve for the loss in my own life. This pain that I feel seems to blanket my days with a heavy, all-encompassing weight. Every morning when I awake, I remember that there are two people who have died - who are no longer a part of my daily comings and goings. I can't pick up the phone, hear my friend's voice, and say, "I was just thinking about you and wanted to say, 'Hi!'" And, immediately, I feel the pain of their absence again.

This morning, I found the quotation for the "Thought of the Day" section which reads, "Sometimes, when one person is missing, the whole world seems depopulated" by Lamartine. My world seems like this. And, probably, the worlds of those who are grieving the death of these two friends, also seem "depopulated." It may almost seem absurd that the rest of the world continues with its customary activities, without the presence of our loved ones as part of our worlds. Yet, this is part of grieving. Trying to cope with each day, without the physical presence of our loved ones in it.

So, I will try to be gentle with myself today. I'll let myself feel sadness when I feel sad. I'll try to go about my daily activities a little slower - taking all the time I need for what I have to do. Because time is a precious commodity in this life experience of ours. My heart goes out to all the family and friends of B.G and Jerry and to all who have experienced a death. My prayer is that you can somehow feel a blanket of comfort and support embrace you and know that you are cared for deeply. Please be gentle with yourself today. Grieve as you need to and accept care from others as you can. And although your world, too, may feel depopulated, know that those who are still a part of your physical universe are thinking of you and grieving with you, too.

With Love, Barb Remakel - August 14, 2000
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