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Google Introduces Google Health

Published by Chapster on 2008/6/1 (6077 reads)

Thanks for offering Google Health. I think it's an interface whose time has come. I am writing an article on it for my website,, as I write these comments.

First, can I suggest that on the medication records you include a place to record the prescription number? Some medical items like inhalers don't have a label on the outside so having a place to record the prescription number would be great.

Indeed, if prescription refills could be ordered from within Google Health via partnering health providers, that would be a win for everybody.

Third, on the test results, there is a spot for recording not just the test results but the desirable range (such as total cholesterol less than 200). But, there is no way to add results to that box set up for desirable results nor is it auto-populated. Could it be auto-populated?

Fourth, on the medications area, it would be helpful to add the dosage amount. Physicians are always going to ask that.

As an employee at Baylor Hamilton Heart and Vascular Hospital, I am pleased to see the development taking place by Google.


Mike Davis

PS. As I think about the above comments and my recent experiences with my kidney stone, I think it would be awesome if Google would take a lead in developing a standardized medical chart which facilities, practices and health care systems would embrace. We would be able to save reams of trees and tons of paper and enormous amounts of time. I suspect it won't be under the Christmas tree next Holiday Season, though.
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