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Google Introduces Google Health

Published by Chapster on 2008/6/1 (6406 reads)
In my efforts to lose a couple of tons of excess weight, I signed up for one of Google's newest children, Google Health. It allows you to store your medical records online.

Initially, I felt some caution about putting this stuff on the internet. But I judged the pros to outweigh the cons in my effort to be healthier.

What can you do with Google Health? First, with cutting edge facilities (like Cleveland Clinic) you can import your medical records into your Google Health profile.

You can also create a summary of your medical history (previous procedures), your current medications, test results (like your cholesterol tests, blood pressure, etc.), immunizations, and conditions that you've had. Based on your medications, the web site offers drug interaction warnings.

Google Health is still in development: That is, it is still a beta project. But, even now there is a tremendous amount of value to recommend it's use by our visitors. Enrolling is as simple as setting up an account with Google Health (go to the link we cite several times in this article).

Why should you enroll? Because health is ever changing and you never know when you''ll be confronted by an emergency. Knowing what medications you're taking and in what amounts as well as the conditions and allergies you have is essential to insuring you get the best possible care. You can't depend on your memory or worse yet, the memory of a loved one. With Google Health you have medical records available in an instant even if you're far away from home.

Additionally, when you have to go in for a procedure, all your records are in one place and easily accessed. I recently had to do this when I had yet another kidney stone (I've had over 21 of them). I didn't enjoy having to repeat or rewrite every thing I was taking, every surgery I've ever had and every condition I've experienced at every doctor.

I have set up my own account and am already using it. My wife will have access to it in case of emergency.

There are still some improvements to come. Indeed, I made several suggestions myself within the past hours to developers. You can see can see my comments to the developers on the next page if you are interested. Check it out!

Thanks for visiting ElderHope!

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