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ElderHope Offers New Benefit for Members - Soundscapes

Published by Chapster on 2008/4/12 (3311 reads)
A few years ago, my son gave me a sound generator for my birthday (he's a pretty cool kid - knows the stuff his dad likes). Now, in case you're in the dark about what a sound generator is, it's a device where you can set it to play sounds from the ocean, thunderstorms, streams, and other soothing sounds.

Anyway, the sound generator was packed away for a while, but a couple of years ago when I became a chaplain at a local heart hospital, I began using some innovative tools to reduce anxiety. Among those tools were lavender essential oil for anxiety, wintergreen for nausea, and, coincidentally, sound from the sound generator.

The use of the sound generator has been so effective in terms of reducing anxiety, hospital ambient noise, and helping patients sleep, that ElderHope has created some of it's own soundscapes and put them into our downloads area. Load them into your MP3 player and chill, sleep, or de-stress.

These are available free for a limited time to ElderHope visitors and members. Shortly, they will only be available to members. Eventually, they will be limited to those who support ElderHope with a small gift. Anyway, enjoy them for now. To see them, go to our downloads area and look for soundscapes or simply follow this link.

Thanks for visiting ElderHope!

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