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A Professor Gives His Last Lecture

Published by Chapster on 2008/3/24 (6264 reads)
If, like me, you have limited knowledge of your surroundings, perhaps you also have missed this story, the story of a Professor Randy Pausch at Carnegie Mellon University. He found out that he was dying of pancreatic cancer. In October 2007, her gave a final lecture to his students. A short time later, after more than a million viewers had seen tapes of his final lecture, he was featured on Oprah.

You and yours really should watch this. We are linking to it here:

You can see the shortened Oprah lecture and follow-up- interview

You can also see the entire original lecture here. Don't click the link at work: It links to and where I work, is blocked).

To visit Professor Pausch's web presence at Carnegie Mellon University, go here.

To visit Randy Pausch's update page, go here.

There really is much wisdom to be gleaned from his experience. His last lecture caught the interest of some people who happened to be there and stuck with them profoundly. Having done hospice for twelve years, I can assure you that at any given moment multiple thousands of hospice patients are giving there last lecture every minute of every day. His devotion to his family and to living well in spite of facing terminal illness, while profoundly courageous and remarkable beyond words, has been done and will continue to be done as long as humanity goes on. It is wonderful that this beautifully touching and straight to the heart video has been witnessed by so many. Hopefully, we will take it's lessons into our lives.
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 Re: A Professor Gives His Last Lecture
Sadly, Dear Readers, Randy Pausch died last Friday, July 25, 2008. It's amazing how many lives he touched.

If you have seen the video noted above (the full version of which we purchased), you know that he wasn't trying to find fame in the last months of life. He was trying to tell his story to his children and his students, to give them tools with which to live their lives.Yet, in that quest not to leave things undone, he enriched the lives of millions. Which begs the question: What could you and I do - even for a short span of time - if we lived our lives for the good of others?

Thank you, Professor Pausch. You taught more than you know.