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Surf the Web Safely, Lose your Browser

Published by Chapster on 2008/3/17 (3700 reads)
Recently, we upgraded the ElderHope main page. I was so excited about it because it is more visually appealing, but also easier to read. So, I was surprised when ElderHope's best half, Barb, told me that her work computer had problems displaying ElderHope. The culprit, it seems, is the old, standard non-compliant browser she has at her workplace.

But nothing in the computer world is that old. Still, her browser - Internet Explorer 6 - is relatively insecure, unable to display pages without tremendous workarounds, and is just old. Now, not everything should be disposed of just because its old. Heck, I'd have been gone long ago if that were a criterion for throwing something out. But, in the world of computers, things need to be, have to be, updated. Especially computer browsers.

In the past we just updated ElderHope only when everyone had good browsers. But times change and so do we. Basically, here's the rub. The most secure and the most standards friendly browsers are Firefox and Internet Explorer 7. No ifs, no ands, no buts. If you are using a PC, you need one of those two browsers. Soon, Microsoft will have an updated browser, Internet Explorer 8 (actually, a beta of this browser was made publicly available last week - I have it and it's a wow improvement but not yet ready for prime time).

Anyway, for each of these browsers, it's easy to update your computer. Just go to the respective pages and download the file. Then, click on the downloaded file name and it will install itself.

ElderHope prefers Firefox. The new Internet Explorer 8, once out of beta testing, may well be as good as Firefox, maybe better....

To get one of these browsers, go to the respective links below:

Download Firefox Here

Download the Internet Explorer Browser

Again, ElderHope is sticking with newer browsers. It doesn't help any of our visitors to support bad browsers that are out of date. They're not like your old Chevy. It doesn't help the sight impaired to design for bad browsers. It hurts their ability to read our web site. This is our line in the sand. If you want to keep up with ElderHope, get a decent browser (one of those mentioned above). Otherwise, good luck trying to avoid hackers.
Thanks for visiting ElderHope!

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