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Weight Loss: Before you buy those over-the-counter remedies

Published by Chapster on 2007/9/29 (3845 reads)
For some time, we have been concerned about the use of herbal agents for whatever ails you. In a recent article from WebMD, the various remedies for weight loss were discussed.

As we would have expected, many of the herbal agents have little if any value and in those cases where there is some potential value there is also - as with any medicine, some standalone risk to the herb (e.g. Ephedra), some risk of medication interaction (St. John's Wort - a high risk of interaction), or some danger related to the herb itself (Glucomannan - risk of obstruction due to swelling of the substance in the tummy).

Some things in moderation may be helpful: I distribute chamomile tea all the time to the staff in the hospital where I work. They stop by my office and ask for it!

In terms of real weight loss though, there is one mantra you should repeat to yourself: Eat less, stress less, walk more, . Imagine Yoda sitting next to you and saying something like that: There is no herb. There is only walk. You get the idea. That is the real secret, no matter who touts some other solution. It is our own psychopathology that seduces us into finding some easy way. There really isn't one. Drat!

It is true that there are increasing numbers of folk using surgical interventions to help with weight issues (known as Bariatric Medicine). This can sometimes be a very helpful step for those who are (and we don't intend too be offensive - this is a medical term) grossly obese. At the same time, in our opinion, you should try counseling, coaching, etc. before you move to this step. Any of the surgical procedures have tremendous surgical risks, even in the hands of someone who is competent. Don't let anyone tell you differently.

At the same time, continued obesity has serious risks as well. So, if you have tried all other avenues, then a surgical intervention may be the best route. If so, we suggest you make sure to carefully choose the hospital where you have the procedure done, don't have it done at a day surgery facility (have full backup emergency surgery staff on site 24/7), and make sure you have it done at a teaching hospital.

So, the take-away here is this: Don't waist your money on these substances (pun intended). Accept that without exception you will need to eat consciously, exercise more, and find ways to de-stress your life to lose weight.

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