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Getting Your Affairs in Order - Part 1

Published by Chapster on 2004/5/19 (4622 reads)
After learning that we have a terminal illness, there are any number of tasks that we may need to attend to. This script from a Community Focus segment on KEOM 88.5 FM deals with the kinds of preparations that we might choose to make. PArt one of two parts...

Getting Your Affairs in Order
Taped live at the KEOM studios in Mesquite, Texas
May 19, 2004

Q:So, Mike, what are we taking about today?

A: Many of us have heard it said that someone was told to put their affairs in order as they would soon be dying. As one who spends every working day caring for those who are dying, this phrase has a lot of meaning. All of the people I work with are expected to die within six months. Statistics show that most will die within two weeks. It occurred to me that it's never really spelled out what that phrase involves - what would be expected of a person who is supposed to put their affairs in order

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