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Personal Funeral Planning

Published by Chapster on 2005/1/22 (5063 reads)
Each month ElderHope does two short tapings for the thrice daily Community Focus segment on KEOM88.5FM (don't you just love using words like thrice). We are in a rotation with a number of other community based organizations. This month we did a segment on planning ones funeral. This is the script for that segment.

Personal Funeral Planning
Taped live at the KEOM studios in Mesquite, Texas
June 23, 2004

Q:So, Mike, what are we taking about today?

A: Today, I thought that we would spend a few moments talking about planning for funerals. We started talking about it a little last month. I wanted to continue a little more today. It's hardly a topic that most people want to think about. Yet, I suspect that it's something that we turn our thoughts to every once in awhile, whether we admit it to ourselves or not. And, it's a wise thing to think about. So many folks die without some kind of plans in place, or even any idea of what they would want. When this happens, it is devastating to families.

Q: I think it is pretty daunting for most folks!

A: It certainly is. And, it's understandable that it is. But, most of us can remember our parents admonishing us to eat vegetables because they were good for us. Similarly, giving some attention to how we would like things to be for our family is also good for us and for them.

Q: Why is it good for us?

A: Because it causes us to turn our thoughts in directions that we generally choose not to think about. I think we avoid thinking about them because we figure it might jinx

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