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Medications: Part Two

Published by Chapster on 2002/7/24 (3325 reads)
This article is the script of an interview we did about medications. The interview was with Dr. James Griffin, Station Director of KEOM 88.5 FM, Mesquite Schools Radio. This is part two of a two part series.

KEOM Community Focus Segment
July 2002
Taped at KEOM studios

Q: So, Mike. Last month when we talked a little about medications, you said we would come back to talk about them some more.

A: Yes, it's a really important subject that can use some thorough discussion. The effects of drug interactions can be devastating. So, as we said last month, the best overall approach to using medications is to regularly have one physician, your primary physician, review your entire list of medications. Medications are like an orchestra: they need to play well together. And, by the same token, the physician is like a conductor: he has to know every instrument that's playing, what it’s capable of, and how it plays with the others.

Q: What other things should our listeners understand about medications?

A: One thing of great importance relates to the use of what are called natural supplements and medications. The health care supplement

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