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Handling Bad News

Published by Chapster on 2002/12/20 (2143 reads)
This article is the script of an interview about handling bad news. We did the interview on April 22, 2002 with Dr. James Griffin, Station Director of KEOM 88.5 FM.

(Recorded April 26, 2002 at the KEOM studios)

Q: So what is today's subject, Mike?

A: Today, I thought we'd talk about those occasions in life where we get some unexpected bad news. It may be the call that wakes us up in the wee hours of the morning or the visit to the doctor, where we're informed that we, or someone we love, has a condition that we weren't expecting. We'd like to try and offer some ways to get through that.

Q: Aren't people pretty much in shock at those moments?

A: Yes, absolutely. There's an immediate response from our whole body system that calls out resources that naturally seek to protect us from some of the impact of hard news. Sometimes, after a loved ones death we'll see family members start taking (and passing around) some mood altering medication, as they say "something to take the edge off

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