The Powerful Emotion of Grief

Published by Chapster on 2002/12/20 (3173 reads)
This article was part of a broadcast that we used to do with KEOM-FM, 88.5. It's about the powerful emotion of grief.

Q:We have all had to deal with so much pain in our own lives and those that were directly affected by the tragedies across our nation in the past few weeks. Many of us will be experiencing difficult feelings in the weeks and months ahead as we cope with our grief. Would you explain for us a bit about the grieving process and how we grieve in today's society?

A:Through the generations we have understood grief and expressed our grieving feelings in very different ways. There was a time when mourners would wear black clothing or a black arm band to let others know that a loved one had died and that they were in grief. Different religions would have specific funeral procedures, such as an extended wake at a funeral home or in their own homes or those of the Jewish tradition would sit shiva - a detailed period of mourning. Today, we are expected to be over our grief in about 3 days - the amount of time that most companies give their employees off after the death of a close relative. Even in many religious communities, the expectation is that because a loved one is "in better place"

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