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The tools you need before you surf again...

Published by Chapster on 2007/2/8 (11163 reads)

Finally, get a spyware detector
Attacks on your computer come in many forms. Some try to destroy your computer. Some try to get information from your computer. Spyware does the latter. So, as in the previous page, you need to have a constantly updated anti-spyware program. Again, there are some free ones and some that are shareware: Microsoft Defender and Spybot Search and Destroy (donate a couple of bucks won't you?).

Many more things can be done to protect your computer. But these are essential first steps. Take the time to do it. Like me a couple of days ago, you may get an ad that lures you quicker than you can think and BAM you've become the object of an identity theft. And that can cost more than many times the time or money expenditure you wold make on following any or all the suggestions made on the previous pages. Moreover, if you have an elderly loved one, make sure they have some inheritance to give you and fix their computer so they don't get hit. They are much more at risk than younger folks because they are targeted more.

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