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The tools you need before you surf again...

Published by Chapster on 2007/2/8 (11324 reads)

Update your email client
Ahh, email. The word is heaven to cyber-villains. All the more reason to have an email client that has some vague sense of your need for protection. Fortunately, there's Thunderbird. This free email program integrates well with any operating system you use, trains itself to weed out spam based on your teaching it (just mark it as junk), and is easy to configure. If you're using some version of Windows, it'll even import your settings. What could be easier?
Download it at the link above and take advantage of it. By the way, it has lots of add-ons like News Readers that can keep you updated on the latest info from your favorite sites (ElderHope, anyone?). For that matter, Firefox, mentioned above similarly has lots of add-ons.

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