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The tools you need before you surf again...

Published by Chapster on 2007/2/8 (10617 reads)

Install the latest browsers.
Some people tend to view their browser (the software that you use to load the web pages you visit) like an antique car: They raise their eyebrow, sniff, and say, I'm still using the same browser I used in 1995. For antique cars, older may be great. For surfing the internet, older models are dreadful and dangerous. You're taking considerable risk using an older browser. People have developed special attacks just to hack your antique. You need to replace it. Don't worry - there's no big buck expenditures here. It's all free. Just download one of these free files and install them: Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox. Save the file to your computer (My Documents if you're using Windows) and when you've finished double click the file. It should lead you through the install process.

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