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The tools you need before you surf again...

Published by Chapster on 2007/2/8 (10637 reads)

Update your operating system.

Of the suggestions we are making here, this is the most expensive. But, also, arguably the most important. We're not talking buying Microsoft Vista here - at least not yet. We are saying that running Windows 95 on your computer is the same as putting out a sign on the front of your house that says in big, bold letters, Rip Me Off. If some variant of Windows is your operating system, you should at least be running Windows XP. No older versions are serviced any more for security updates. And, one more thing about this: You'll like your computer better. XP is a substantial improvement over any previous version including Windows 98 Second Edition. Oh, and one more thing: I will be upgrading to Vista as soon as I find a spare $150 in my budget. I'm checking my couch for change right now.

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