Do animals grieve?

Published by Chapster on 2006/7/18 (15648 reads)
(Originally published September 10, 2004) - A long while back I was driving down Buckingham Road in Garland, Texas, heading to a nursing home. It was an overcast day, the slightest hint of drizzle making its way onto my windshield. I turned onto Glenbrook and had only gone about fifty feet when I saw two beautiful black labs in the middle of the now nearly vacant street.

One of the labs was laying on the ground, no horrible sign of trauma. But, it had clearly been hit. It was also clearly dead. The thing I remember, the picture in my eye, is of it's brother or sister, or maybe just it's best friend, pawing ever so softly, insistently, and knowingly at the body of its friend and soulmate. She knew instinctively that her best friend had left, and it was as though she was trying to tell him, "Get up now. Please get up. I'm out here on the street all alone. I won't leave you. But, you're frightening me. Please get up. I'm sure this is one of your games. Please don't leave me. We were just playing, just like we always have since we were puppies. We were just going for a run."

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