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Alzheimer's Disease: Through the Veil of Silence

Published by Chapster on 2003/5/29 (12276 reads)

The Old Woman loses her memories in reverse chronological order. Why? What happens when she has exhausted the memories? Does she retreat to the womb? Why wouldn't she? She's gestating. Soon she will be with God. Do the memories evaporate or are they in some way internalized, no longer a cognition, and now more thoroughly and more completely than ever before, exactly who we are? Or, perhaps, a truer expression of who we have always been?

Our "what if's" may remain unanswered, hypothetical possibilities. Research and scientific methodologies may be ineffective when searching for clues to the processes of the inner sanctums, of the hearts and souls of those with Alzheimer's. Maybe this is as it should be. Maybe the person with Alzheimer's disease deserves, needs, the interventions that only love can offer - listening, caring, and being a companion for their inner journey. Maybe, even in the silence, we will hear their story, we will feel their gradual metamorphosis, and we can bless their passage between the veils and vistas of the sacred terrain of soul.

Mike Davis and Barb Remakel (now Davis)

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