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Alzheimer's Disease: Through the Veil of Silence

Published by Chapster on 2003/5/29 (12275 reads)

What if . . .

The wandering, the escapes - what if they are the statement of the soul that says, "I'm not sure where I am, where I should be" - the preternatural signal that twilight is upon the wanderer?

What if the fear of water (common for the Alzheimer's patient) is akin to the fear of being cast loose of the moorings of one's life, perhaps even a herald of the irrevocable movement towards the Waters of yet another new Birth? And, so too, with the agitation. As the child yet in the womb has moments of kicking, movement, turning, and long silence so also does this Fetus, a fetus cocooned within the well-spun and well-worn body, soon to metamorphose into a new being.

What if the long silence of Alzheimer's is really a turning within, a hibernation of sorts, until the shedding of that cocoon? What if there is really some spiritual lesson to learn from Alzheimer's, some call to our busy world that says, "Be still and know that I am God"?

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