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If Alzheimer's Could Talk

Published by Sylvia06 on 2006/6/12 (5460 reads)
While being Mama's caregiver, there were alot of things she had done that was so unbearable to believe. I visited so many websites and read many stories of Alzheimer's as to find out this disease basically ruled our loved one's life at such a devastating point to where we were all in the same situation. Never had I felt so alone in my life as to when I had to take care of her.

You see, I was new to a computer and all I did was sit and read all these stories and information about this dreadful disease that had taken over my mama. I found later it helped me to read and understand and I thank everyone for having these pages for people to reach out and read about Alzheimer's. This is the time I started writing poetry and my book, my mama was my inspiration as I wrote about my anger, frustration and my love for her. This poem I wrote early in the morning as I couldn't sleep and found myself online reading page after page. With bitterness of how Alzheimer's had stripped her mind I wondered if it could talk, was this the words it said?

[b]If Alzheimer

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