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Who is ElderHope?

Published by Chapster on 2003/5/1 (6597 reads)
About ElderHope: Founders, Calling, Vision...

About Barbara Davis, MA, LPC

Barbara Remakel-Davis received her B.S. in Geriatric Counseling and Rehabilitation Science from The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. She has her M. A. in Counseling from Amberton University and is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). She is currently a Research Coordinator and a counselor at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. She has worked extensively with the bereaved and has led several grief support groups. She has been associated with the Alzheimer's Association and the American Cancer Society.

About Michael Davis

Mike Davis received his B.A. from Tennessee Temple University, his Th. M. from Dallas Theological Seminary. He did his clinical training at Baylor University Medical Center. He completed one Extended Unit of Clinical Pastoral Education, three Basic Units, and one Advanced Unit. Mike was a chaplain for 11 and a half years for Vitas Innovative Healthcare Corporation . He is currently a hospital chaplain working in cardiac care in Dallas at the Baylor Jack and Jane Hamilton Heart and Vascular Hospital. Mike also presented at the Final Gifts conference at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Whatever skills he has as a webmaster are self-learned through books and mess-ups! He loves to barbeque, watch movies, and spend time with his son, his step-kids, his grandkids, his Golden Retrievers, Jeffie and Jillie, and Barb, his utterly adorable wife.

Favorite movies and television? Fresh on my mind are the Lord of the Ring series, October Sky, MASH (I want to be like Father Mulcahy, and Sidney Friedman), Ordinary People (I want to counsel like Judd Hirsch's psychiatrist), Planes Trains and Automobiles, Groundhog Day, Shadowlands, Cosmic Voyage (a deeply spiritual experience), The Great Santini; well, that's a few of them.


Both of them have worked in the hospice setting for several years. They have developed and taught classes on life review, chronic emotional and spiritual pain, ethics, and preparing for life endings. They also have developed several on-line seminars for professionals to receive their CEU's, as well as grief and bereavement programs for the community and for the workplace. When they're not working they're playing with the aforementioned Jeffie and Jillie and the other members of their quite happy clan...

Our mission is:

to nurture and promote dignity, purpose, and passion for living for the elderly;

to offer care and comfort for the dying and the bereaved;

and to support the bond between the elderly and all caregivers.

Our Story:

Several thousand years ago people depended less on writings and history and more on the spoken word and on stories. The elderly were repositories of wisdom, insight and hope. When they old became too old to work, as they formerly had, they would often gather at the city gates, the central place of community in ancient times.

They would judge civil and criminal cases, share wisdom, and offer counsel. The elderly were well-springs of understanding. They were the anchor to our past and the archetypes of our future. They were given care and respect.In these days we believe in improving the care of the elderly and reimagining their value in society. This is our calling. This is the ElderHope.[/b]

Our Work

Our practice and website reflect our values of caring for the individual while respecting universal human rights. By doing the work of our practice and website ourselves, we are able to retain our focus on the individual. Our site is about action, not theory. It is about people, not statistics.In spite of the fact that we use the Internet, nothing makes us happier than hearing from or being in contact with people!

We believe that through our seminars related to aging and caregiving, our on-line support through our website and interactive seminars, our bereavement projects and our consultation on caregiving concerns, we can better reach caregivers and the elderly.

Our site will NOT just provide information, as helpful as that may be. We hope to inspire caregivers, and by extension, those they care for. This is our calling and the work of our site.

We are continually updating, editing, and simplifying our site to make the information you need more meaningful and easier to access.

We have added the Online Caregiver Support Series classes to address the specific needs of caregivers and their loved ones. Several classes are in the active developmental stage and will allow you to interact with the given material.

We appreciate your thoughts about how our site can better help you.

A Dream...

A big Victorian house in the country with large windows and in back, rambling, wildflower-filled gardens. This house will be a place where families can bring a dying loved one to spend their last few days of life.

It will be a place for people of any means, where comfort, simplicity, and shared visions are the aim. It will allow families to express their love and mend their differences in the final sacred hours. It will be a house of Blessing.

On this acreage, people will explore ways of caring for the elderly, of being with the elderly and dying.

This is one of our ever-expanding dreams.

ElderHope is located in Rowlett, TX. Please use the CONTACT US form to the left to reach us or you may call us at the phone number below.

ElderHope, LLC
Rowlett, TX 750089
Phone (972) 768-8553
Thanks for visiting ElderHope!

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