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Scams and the Elderly

Published by Chapster on 2004/10/20 (8682 reads)

Q: So what are some of the schemes that we are seeing against the elderly?

A: Well, I think that many of them are especially aimed at the goodness of seniors and the elderly. Many of the schemes are set up to play upon the desires of people to help others. So, for instance, one scheme that is very popular on the internet is the Nigerian scheme. Many of the listeners have probably gotten an email where someone claims to be caught up in a tragic situation of upheaval in their country where they have money that is about to be confiscated and they need someone, anyone, to please help them transfer the money into accounts over here in the States. It will only be for a short time, and, if you help, so the scheme says, you will get a cut of the money. But, most of all, you'll help someone very needy. The Nigerian scams also have another little twist - They make you feel important, as though you're the only person that can help them. These themes illustrate the way that the schemes use our own desires against us: The desire to help and the need to feel like we are, indeed, important.

Q: What other kinds of approaches are used?

A: Just this morning, ElderHope received an email telling us that an account we have was at risk, and that we needed to click a link within the email that would allow us to update our account information. Had we not known about this scheme, one that is called phishing, we would have gone to that link, and filled out the fake information page with the real account information, and whoever was on the other end would have been able to use that information to begin a long trail of identity theft. Another scam here in the Dallas area is called the Latin Lottery Scam,

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