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Scams and the Elderly

Published by Chapster on 2004/10/20 (9421 reads)
Scams and the Elderly
KEOM & ElderHope
August 24, 2004

Q: So, Barb, I understand that today we are talking about the many scams that are in use to take advantage of people.

A: That's right. And, unfortunately, it seems that seniors and the elderly are hit with these schemes disproportionately. I think that part of the issue is that seniors are, by and large, very trusting. Secondly, I think that they are often less attuned to such scheming in their lives and in the world about them. Third, they are often more dependent on others to get their needs met, than younger folks. Fourth, when they are desperately in need of services that must be handled immediately, they may feel pressed for time and hurried, and less able to draw upon their innate skepticism. Finally, I think that for many of us as we age, we become a little less able to easily navigate and negotiate a much busier world.


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