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 About ElderHope  About ElderHope
Where to find out about ElderHope...
8 Access to ElderHope
 Aging  Aging
About the Aging process, its fears, joys, doubts, and concerns...
1 Scams and the Elderly
Edit category  Living Well Senior living should be about exploring and growing. That's what this section is all about...
4 Google Introduces Google Health
Edit category  Coping with Aging About coping with the transitions that aging brings...
5 Driving and the Elderly
 Alzheimers Disease/Dementia  Alzheimers Disease/Dementia
About Alzheimer's Disease and other Dementias
8 If Alzheimer's Could Talk
 Caregiving  Caregiving
About being a good caregiver...
1 Preparing for Caregiving
Edit category  Finances Meeting the financial demands of caregiving...
1 The New Medicare Drug Discount Program
Edit category  Safety About creating a safe environment for both caregivers and those who receive care.
1 What You Need to Know about Preventing Falls
Edit category  Coping Articles on coping and facing the realities of caring for a loved one...
9 Changes that Work
Edit category  Family Relationships About the joys - and difficulties - of family relationships when caregiving...
3 Coping with Siblings and Family when a Loved One ...
 Death, Grief and Loss  Death, Grief and Loss
On death, the process of dying and the grief that attends our loss.
5 My Dad
Edit category  Dying Process About the dying process...
4 A Professor Gives His Last Lecture
Edit category  About grief and grieving... About Grief and Grieving...
6 To Grieve Alone
Edit category  Unique Grief Situations Many grief situations have their own nuances, things that make grieving harder.
4 Do animals grieve?
Edit category  Supporting Grievers How to support those who are grieving...
1 Comforting the Bereaved
Edit category  End of Life Care On ways to cope with the dying process...
7 What is hospice?
 Ethics  Ethics
About ethical issues and health/end-of-life issues.
3 ElderHope responds to article on ...
Edit category  Advance Directives About Advance directives, what you need, what you don't need, and why...
4 Completing your own Texas Living Will
 Health  Health
Maintaining your health
 Illness  Illness
Illnesses, especially chronic illness, can change the glasses through which we see the world. This section is about illness...
2 Depression and the Elderly
 Comfort Food  Comfort Food
Don't eat too much of this stuff. But, when you need comfort food and nothing else will do, few things beat these recipes (they are all MIke's recipes).
 Life Review  Life Review
About life review...
4 Life Review: Food for the Soul, Nourishment for ...
 Life Review Premium  Life Review Premium
Our paid life review area with the contents of our Life Review seminar, The Time of Your Life: Life Review for body AND soul. This area is for those who choose to support ElderHope!
Edit category  Part One Part One of our premium life review class! Only for those who support ElderHope. This is our paid life review area with the contents of our Life Review seminar, The Time of Your Life: Life Review for body AND soul. To gain access to sections 2-4, please go to the ORDER FROM US link in the menu to the left! Thank you for your interest!
8 Week One Review
 Long Term Care  Long Term Care
Learning about options, resources, and caregiving in the long term care setting.
7 Locating and Using an Assisted Living Facility
 Medical Issues  Medical Issues
This category deals with medical and age-related health issues...
11 The Mysterious Human Heart: A New PBS Series
Edit category  Health Care Professionals Information for health care professionals.
1 Movies that should be required viewing for ...
Edit category  Health Care About health care finance, new approaches to heath care, and the continued ability to give good care
1 Medicare proposes cuts in hospice reimbursement
Edit category  Cardiovascular Care About issues related to cardiovascular care...
1 About Tim Russert
Edit category  Complementary and Alternative Medicine About the uses and abuses of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), including the charlatans and crooks who lose no sleep getting people to lose their wealth and health on gimmicks.
1 Weight Loss: Before you buy those ...
 Meditations and Musings  Meditations and Musings
Writings from ElderHope
15 My Best Christmas...
 Pain  Pain
Deals with issues related to pain, it's symptoms and treatment.
3 A First Step in Pain Control
 Planning  Planning
Whether you are trying to build a secure financial future, plan for an estate you can pass on, or are trying to make sure you have long term care needs covered, planning is essential. ElderHope has information and links that can help.
2 Getting Your Affairs in Order - Part 1
 Safety  Safety
About safety for the elderly and the infirm at home, in health care facilities, and in daily life.
1 Live Safe in your home: Use a Certified Aging in ...
 Sexuality  Sexuality
This section deals with issues related to sexuality, aging and illness.
 Spirituality  Spirituality
About the transcendent and spiritual needs of personhood. These cover a large area, and are certainly not necessarily religious in nature.
3 Essay by Tony Snow
 Technology  Technology
About technologies that can make aging easier...
2 The tools you need before you surf again...
Edit category  Web Life It's time to upgrade your computer. Yes, you've been using it "just fine" for the past twenty two (thousand) years. But folks, you worked hard for your money and your standard of living. Why throw it away because you just didn't see the necessity to upgrade your computer? There are people who would love to steal your identity and can do so in a shorter time than you ever imagined. So please, look in this section and take action. Upgrade.
1 Surf the Web Safely, Lose your Browser
 Useful Tools  Useful Tools
Tools that you can use here at ElderHope... Some of them direct off-site.
1 Check your meds...

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