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  About ElderHope
Information about ElderHope
1 Is ElderHope for profit or not-for-profit?
About aging in general...
  Medical Care
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Edit category  Gender Aspects of Gender that may impact medical care
2 My husband won't share with me when he'...
This category deals with ethical decision-making and end-of-life care.
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2 Why would I want both a Living Will AND a Medica...
  Long Term Care
About long term care...
1 How do I know when I should put my loved one int...

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Requested and Answered by Chapster on 14-Mar-2007 02:03 (2862 reads)
It's a for-profit organization. Of course, considering we haven't had anybody make a donation in at least 2 years (except for me, of course - just to see if the donation program was really working - and it is), it really begs the question, doesn't it? So, the designation is really - uhh, meaningless. But, take a look at the site. Few ads. Almost all free stuff (less than three percent of our information is fee-based). Even the stuff we charge for could be interpolated and cobbled together. So, yes, its for profit.

We just have not the slightest idea about how to make money, are not self-promoters, and sadly, people don't seem to have any desire to contribute. So, ElderHope comes out of our pockets each month. For full disclosure purposes, we do get a few dollars from Google and Amazon (when you buy a book from our links). We also have our little store - but no one purchases that stuff either. So, there you have it: technically for-profit, in actuality really no profit.