A True Pet Story

Date Mar-17-2007 | Topic: Grief and Grieving

We grow fond of our pets. Our two babies, Jeffie and Jillie, are very dear to us. I'm not sure that we could love them any more if they were human. So, when I read a recent posting at Snopes.com, the urban legend clearing house, I was deeply moved. If you love pets, your kids love a pet, someone you know loves a pet, or someone you know has recently lost a pet, click the link to read the rest of this article.
So, here's the link. Usually Snopes.com is a grinchy kind of place, though entertaining (in a weird way). Still, they do a good job of weeding through the email ploys, urban legends, etc. that so marks (or pockmarks) our society. So something like the following story is especially touching. If you are a very tender person you may need tissues. Here's the link: http://www.snopes.com/glurge/abbey.asp.

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