Caregiving : Balancing Work and Caregiving
Posted by 4Hope on Jun-16-2005 (2326 reads)

How do I keep the plates of work and caregiving for a loved one up in the air at the same time? That's the question nearly 22 million Americans ask themselves each day as they try to make sense of their priorities.

Last month, Barb recorded a Community Focus segment for KEOM - 88.5FM with Dr. James Griffin. In the brief time we have, she offers some ideas and resources that can ease this burden a little.

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Caregiving : Letterboard for the Speech Impaired
Posted by Chapster on Mar-07-2005 (2427 reads)

This is a letter board for those who are speech impaired. It has numbers. the alphabet, and some simple statements that we hope will help those who can comprehend but have trouble speaking in response. It was created by ElderHope for use with patients we work with. We suggest enclosing it in a plastic sleeve and keeping it at a patient's bedside.

You must be a registered member of ElderHope to download. It's free!

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Caregiving : Changing Seasons
Posted by Keswick on Aug-22-2004 (3132 reads)

(Paulette Kaufman, Keswick Pines Lifecare) - Have you looked at your mother lately? I mean, have you really looked at your mother lately? As a marketing counselor in a Continuous Care Retirement Community (CCRC) I have met many senior citizens and their families. It amazes me how many children continue to see their parents as the strong, in-charge person they were 30 years ago. They are accustomed to seeing their parents provide help and support; and truly fear seeing their mother or father struggling.

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Caregiving : Professional Caregivers, Compassion Fatigue and Burnout
Posted by Chapster on Apr-25-2004 (4111 reads)

Chaplains in the Dallas area are trying to start an organization that will give the opportunity for fellowship and support. At our most recent meeting, we were privileged to hear Dr. Ken Bateman, professor of counseling at Amberton University, motivational speaker, and founder of New Directions Counseling in Richardson, Texas. His topic was stress and burnout.

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Caregiving : Falling Short: Too Few Adult Day Centers
Posted by jkz on Jan-14-2004 (2516 reads)

Adult day services allows chronically ill people to continue living at home yet receive the care they need. These centers, located in many communities across the country, provide health, social, and support services for adults with impaired physical, mental, and/or social abilities. At the same time, they offer family caregivers much-needed respite and allows them to continue working.

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