Long Term Care : New Section: Locating and Using an Assisted Living Facility
Posted by Chapster on Oct-29-2005 (2859 reads)

In the past twenty years assisted living facilities have become quite common. If you feel like you or an elderly or disabled loved one could benefit from greater supervision while still being independent, such a faility might be just for you. But, not without following a few suggestions first. Recently, Barb spoke about this subject with Dr. James Griffin, Station Director, at KEOM 88.5 FM The interview was used in one of their Community Focus segments that we are part of each month. Here's the link to the new section.

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Long Term Care : Options for Care when Caring for the Elderly
Posted by Chapster on Apr-08-2005 (2454 reads)

As we watch our parents and other elderly loved ones age, we become very conscious of the changes that they are going through. We want to support them in their lifestyle for as long as possible. Yet most of us are not familiar with the resources that are available to aging adults. This article offers some basic answers to the kinds of questions family members have.

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Long Term Care : A Difficult Decision By Paulette Kaufman
Posted by Chapster on Jan-27-2005 (3280 reads)

The decision to place a loved one in an assisted living facility is a difficult but frequently unavoidable one. Even though the choice may be absolutely necessary, the person forced to make the decision for their spouse or parent often feels an overwhelming sense of guilt.

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Long Term Care : Can my loved one stay at home?
Posted by Chapster on Nov-09-2004 (2456 reads)

One of the hardest questions that faces caregivers of the very sick is this: Can my loved one stay at home? While hospice and home care makes it much easier for patients to stay wherever they need to, there are a number of very important considerations that must be accounted for before keeping a very sick loved one in the home. This special section was also featured on the most recent Community Focus segment on KEOM88.5FM - Mesquite Schools Radio.

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Long Term Care : Making Long Term Care Work Better...
Posted by Chapster on Dec-04-2003 (2700 reads)

We all dread the idea of facing the need for long term care. So, when the time comes to place a loved one, how do we adapt to the changes necessary. In this month's session on Community Focus with Dr. James Griffin of KEOM 88.5FM, Mike discusses this very topic.

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