Ethics Issues : RenewAmerica: 'Right to die' advocate speaks out
Posted by Chapster on Jun-22-2005 (5085 reads)

RenewAmerica -- Today, as it does everyday, Google sent me its listing of the most recent news on end-of-life care. In that listing was a reference to the columnist Matt C. Abbott who writes for RenewAmerica. In yesterday's column, Mr. Abbott continued a long-running discussion on hospice care and euthanasia.

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Ethics Issues : "Million Dollar Baby" Deserves An Oscar...
Posted by Chapster on Feb-26-2005 (3852 reads)

New Age Media Concepts Health News - In a recent article, "Million Dollar Baby" Deserves An Oscar, But The Medical Ethics Debate Has Gone Off The Track, Dr. James Murtagh, Jr., an ICU physician, relates his concern that media does a disservice to the legitimate concerns of medical ethics. Specifically, he finds the recent motion picture, Million Dollar Baby guilty of both distorting and misrepresenting very real ethics issues in medicine: Quote:

Somehow, the film distorts the medical aspects of end-of-life decision-making almost beyond recognition.

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Ethics Issues : Ten Myths about Assisted Suicide
Posted by Chapster on Dec-22-2004 (1941 reads) -- Over on the other side of the pond from us, the assisted suicide debate rages as well, especially as new legislation is apparently in play. The linked article, by an atheist, offers some interesting take on the debate. We found it especially intriguing as the most vocal protestors against assisted suicide are generally people of more fundamantalistic persuasions. We offer it to you, having recently been made aware of it. Read this article to see other relevant links.

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Ethics Issues : Weekly Standard: Death Plays the Name Game
Posted by Chapster on Aug-17-2004 (2324 reads)

(The Weekly Standard) - In a new article on The Weekly Standard author Wesley J. Smith takes aim at two euthanasia and end-of-life advocacy organizations which recently expressed their intent to merge becoming Compassion and Choice. In taking aim at euthanasia, however, one is well advised to shoot carefully.

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