Hospice Care : Excellent video released about hospice care
Posted by Chapster on Apr-15-2007 (5794 reads)

One of the most frustrating aspects of working in hospice care for twelve years was the fact that people either didn't realize hospice was available for their loved ones, or they thought it wasn't appropriate for their loved one. Then, when their loved one became very sick the dying process took place so quickly that hospice did not have time to really work its wonders in providing the comfort and support that families needed. Sadly, until that time, hospice did little to present itself in a way that made it more accessible and welcome.

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Hospice Care : Dame Cicely Saunders Dies - Leader in Hospice Care
Posted by Chapster on Jul-18-2005 (3076 reads)

The founder of the modern hospice movement, Dame Cicely Saunders, died July 14, 2005 in London. Her motto, "To cure sometimes, but to comfort always," have been watchwords for hospices worldwide. Her influence in the development of hospice care has been global, and her commitment to the alleviation of suffering is similarly felt. ElderHope extends our fondest condolences to all those who were touched by the life of this singular woman. To read more, go here at Ascribe.org.

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Hospice Care : What is Hospice Care?
Posted by Chapster on Apr-17-2005 (2902 reads)

As the United States watched and debated the recent events surrounding the death of Terri Schiavo, one prominent party in her care was little heard about - the hospice that cared for her. What is hospice, anyway? Are hospice providers practicers of euthanasia?

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