The Dying Process : Death Takes a Holiday
Posted by Chapster on Dec-29-2004 (1936 reads)

It has been the belief of many, including yours truly, that patients may have the ability to postpone their death until a time of their choosing -- at least to some degree. This is most noticeable around the holidays when it seems that people may put off the death until after a significant holiday is over.

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The Dying Process : Dealing Honestly with Death
Posted by Chapster on Jul-08-2004 (3846 reads)

It was late one night and I had been called to a local hospital to provide support for a patient who had just died. The family were devout Roman Catholics. The hospital had their own chaplain on call until 8PM. It was about 8:15 PM when I arrived. It was very important to the family that a priest ask a blessing for the deceased. The hospital chaplain, who was a priest, had been by earlier in the evening, when the old woman was alive, and the family had refused to let the priest pray for her. Now, a scant two hours later, she was dead. I asked the chaplain/priest to come and visit the family. He informed me that he was leaving for the day, but that he would come up and say a prayer for the family.

When he arrived, I remember distinctly that he chewed out the family: "I was here earlier and then you didn't want a prayer. What did you think was going to happen?"

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