Inspiration : You Must Be Special: A Reflection on Eleven Years as Hospice Chaplain
Posted by Chapster on Sep-30-2005 (4090 reads)

Today, September 30, 2005, is my last day working for Vitas Innovative Healthcare Corporation as one of their hospice chaplains. I leave their employ feeling a deep sense of loss but moving into a new position as a hospital chaplain. In the course of my eleven and a half years with them, they have become part of my family and I love them. Vitas, in my opinion, is the finest hospice in the country, and team 403 the best goup of caregivers, with the heart and the resources to provide the care that is needed to terminal patients. Here, in this article, is a brief message that I shared with my team yesterday. I hope it will be of help to all you wonderful hospice workers.

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Inspiration : Of Bad Dreams and Caregiving
Posted by Chapster on Aug-14-2003 (2885 reads)

It's now 2:20AM. I was awakened a short while ago by a dream that I had lost my son while we were visiting Chicago. It was one of those dreams that seems absolutely real, so real it's palpable. I could practically feel myself crying as cops initially ignored my pleas to help me find my son. When I finally found him, with the help of those same policeman, I just know that I must have yelled in my sleep, "You're safe," accompanied by more tears.

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