Advance Directives : Audio Instructions for the Texas Living Will
Posted by Chapster on Feb-13-2006 (2880 reads)

ElderHope has done something new, something really cool. We have added audio instructions for completing your own Texas Living Will.

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Advance Directives : Taking Charge, Making Choices
Posted by Chapster on Apr-04-2005 (2177 reads)

For some time now, ElderHope has been part of the Community Focus broadcasts at KEOM FM 88.5. This month we did four segments. This is the first of those segments. It was recorded by Barb. Most of us have experienced a degree of frustration, sadness, and anger as we have witnessed the tragic situation that surrounded Terri Schaivo. How can you prevent that in your own family? Have you done anything to prevent it? Find out what you need to know...

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Advance Directives : Terry Schiavo: Who should decide?
Posted by Chapster on Feb-14-2004 (2885 reads)

Reading this article this morning ("Future Of End-Of-Life Laws Unclear In Legislature" off the Associated Press wire and featured on the Jacksonville News 4 web site), I was finally compelled to weigh in on this subject, one quite close to the heart of ElderHope. We have resisted discussing this for three reasons. First, we have no first-hand knowledge of the case. Second, we have no wish to be caught up in the hype of this case. Third, with the facts of the case so confusing and the emotions so raw, we weren't sure we really had anything timely to offer.

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Advance Directives : Christianity Today: While I Was Sleeping...
Posted by Chapster on Feb-08-2004 (2195 reads)

Christianity Today - In an important article in Christianity Today, author Lindsey O'Connor tells of her Terry Schiavo-like experience of being in a coma, and relates her gratitude for her husband not discontinuing the agressive treatments she was receiving, so that she could come out of that coma.

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Advance Directives : The Long Goodbye: The Deaths of Nancy Beth Cruzan
Posted by Chapster on Jun-23-2003 (3461 reads)

During my training as a chaplain at Baylor University Medical Center, it was considered part of the “dues” of training that one would take lots of being on-call at the hospital for handling of emergencies. To that end, there was a “call room” where a chaplain could catch a little sleep, while awaiting an emergency. On one of those sleepless nights in the call room, I viewed a Frontline special on the story of Nancy Beth Cruzan. She was a young woman, fully alive, who, as a result of a terrible accident, would become a test case for end-of-life matters for years to come. After seeing that special, I was deeply touched by the need to convey what our wishes were for the ends of our lives.

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