Aging : Two New Articles: About Drug Warnings & Aging and Change
Posted by Chapster on Jul-29-2005 (2496 reads)

Recently, ElderHope taped several new Community Focus segments with Dr. James Griffin, Station Director of KEOM 88.5FM. In the first of two sessions, Dr. Griffin spoke with Barb about what are known as Black Box warnings on medications. They're meant to get your attention, and they should. Learn why here. In the second session Barb talks with Dr. Griffin about the difficulties of aging and transitions. You can read that transcript here. And you can see all of our articles in the Sections area of the site.

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Aging : Friendship
Posted by Chapster on Nov-30-2004 (2358 reads)

I have been slow about getting around to it, but Barb, ElderHope's best half, recently spoke on KEOM 88,5FM on their Community Focus segment. The topic was the importance of maintaining active friendships and social contact as we age. We cannot afford simply to live socially isolated lives. Read the reasoning and the advice she gives in this helpful article.

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Aging : Beware Against Scams of the Elderly
Posted by Chapster on Jul-07-2004 (3416 reads)

( - Our intrepid field reporter, Barb, told me a story the other day that she said, "had her blood boiling." It was a story of a trusting elderly lady being scammed by a couple of younger individuals for an enormous amount of money.

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Aging : A Gift for Elderly Loved Ones
Posted by Chapster on Dec-13-2003 (2890 reads)

So, what do you give an elderly loved one for the holidays? Tonight, I was working on the family computer, burning backup CDs before we reformat the hard drive and reinstall Windows. As I was doing so, I was reviewing some of the pictures that we have from our digital camera.

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Aging : Fear & Aging
Posted by Chapster on Jun-26-2003 (4404 reads)

Each month ElderHope records two Community Focus programs at KEOM, 88.5FM, Mesquite Schools. We do the interview with the station manager, Dr. James Griffin. This month I chose to do mine on fear and aging. And now, without further ado...

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